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was founded by:


Walter and Wesley Crisostomo

Client Reviews

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"PAS is not just a place you learn practical skills for self defense but you're also a part of a family that looks out for you and imparts invaluable life lessons. Kuya Walter, Wesley and Lex Crisostomo (head instructors) are part of a long lineage of Filipino martial artists. Along with their members, their collective knowledge, humility and camaraderie is what drew me to learn from them. As a teacher by profession, I can testify to the effectiveness of their teaching methods. This approach is the first I've encountered that doesn't focus too much on techniques but rather teach holistic principles that you can apply whatever your background is or even if you're a beginner. Their instruction is methodical with routine drills that enable you to practice and master basic skills at the same time let you apply what you've learned in more realistic situations through sparring. They adopt Bruce Lee's "Be like water" philosophy where you have to be flexible and make your form confirm to the vessel, or the circumstances you're in as not everyone moves and fights the same way. Best of all, it's a lot of fun learning as you get to "play" with others and discover what works and what doesn't and get feedback in real time. In my almost 20 years of practicing and teaching martial arts I can truly say they exemplify the progressive nature of martial arts as both a science and art while keeping to it's roots in traditional Filipino culture. "
Pugay! (Bow)

-Josh Garcia
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