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was founded by:


Walter and Wesley Crisostomo


"Pinakatay Arnis FMA has been a transformative journey for our youth. The discipline instilled through its teachings is remarkable. My child has not only honed physical skills but also developed courage, learning to face challenges with resilience. Kudos to the instructors for fostering a nurturing environment that encourages patience, discipline, and personal growth. This martial art is more than self-defense; it's a powerful tool for building character.""Pinakatay Arnis FMA has been a game-changer for my teenager. The disciplined training has not only enhanced their physical abilities but has also cultivated a deep sense of courage. The emphasis on patience in mastering techniques translates into a valuable life skill. The instructors' dedication to instilling these qualities in our youth is truly commendable, making Pinakatay Arnis FMA more than a martial art – it's a holistic journey towards personal excellence.""Pinakatay Arnis FMA has been instrumental in shaping my child's character positively. The discipline required in learning this martial art has translated into newfound courage to face challenges head-on. The emphasis on mastering techniques fosters patience, teaching valuable life lessons. Grateful for the instructors who go beyond physical training, instilling discipline and courage that extend far beyond the training mat."


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