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We are DALX Security Services, a new and avid supporter of Pinakatay Arnis and a strong believer that Filipino Martial Arts is effective in Law Enforcement and in Healthcare settings. We are a local security agency and our team is comprised of dedicated professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement and healthcare who prioritizes the safety and security of our clients', properties, and assets. As a local business, we bring a unique blend of professionalism and a personal touch to ensure a tailored and reliable security experience for our valued clients. 

What Sets Us Apart?

We tailor the officers and their roles to your job expectations. 
They come prepared with the knowledge to perform with excellence!

Budget-Friendly:                               We prioritize meeting your budget while meeting expectations. 
Rigorous Employee Screening:     Thorough background checks and drug testing for all staff.

Comprehensive Training:               Detailed programs ensuring professionalism. 
Customer-Driven Approach:         Committed to creating a positive guest experience. 
Diverse Professional Workforce:    A skilled and varied team at your service. 
Cutting-Edge Technology:             Utilizing the latest communication devices. 
Transparent Reporting:                   Daily billing and activity reports for your convenience. 
Client and Employee Loyalty:         Looking to build long term relationships. Licensed and

Bonded  &  Insured:                          Ensuring your security with credibility and legality. 


-Surveillance, Access Control, and Risk Assessment. 

-Event Safety:                                     Ensuring the safety and security of events.
-Access Control / ID Checkers:      Regulating entry and exit points for security. 
-VIP/Talent Escort:                             Ensuring smooth movement of VIPs and talent. 
-Personal Safety Officer                   For in home or on the go peace of mind. 

-Inquire about more services at a budget friendly price!

Our Safety teams will be Qualified

Staff will prepared with regular training.

-Active S.O. / S.P.O. / L.E.O. License 
-CPR, AED, First Aid Certified

-Emergency management 
-Active shooter training 
-Bloodborne Pathogens 

-Compliance Techniques

-Knowledge on Law and powers
-PAS Certified with less than lethal tactics

-Utilize tools to ensure the safety of the clients. 

Our Most Valuable Asset – Our Employees: 

Varied Workforce: Bringing together top talents from today's diverse pool of professionals.

Secure and Pleasant Environment: Stringent hiring and training protocols guarantee a positive atmosphere.

Interactive Leadership: Management actively engages in the development, coaching, and mentoring of our employees.

Exceptional Customer Care: Our dedication to providing outstanding solutions for guest management.


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We look forward to serving you!


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CONTACT: 301-646-9851

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